About Net-Inspect

Net-Inspect provides supply chain and quality improvement software to manufacturers across the world.

Net-Inspect was founded by Mike Dunlop and his team at QPM Aerospace after successfully implementing the software in their manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon. Net-Inspect is now used by over 6,000 companies in 48 different countries.

Our Executive Team

Net-Inspect President Mike Dunlop

Mike Dunlop President

Net-Inspect Executive Vice President Ron Trout

Ron Trout Executive Vice President

Net-Inpsect Chief Information Officer Sasan Boostani

Sasan Boostani Chief Information Officer

  • Aerospace QPM Logo

    September 2001

    After a full year of testing at QPM Aerospace, the software was ready for prime time. In September 2001, Net-Inspect was formally launched as one of the first Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.

  • minebea Logo

    October 2001

    Minebea (NMB) becomes Net-Inspect’s first customer.

  • Asco Logo

    September 2002

    ASCO Industries records the 1,000,000th measurement entered in Net-Inspect.

  • Aerospace Honeywell Logo

    August 2005

    Honeywell Aerospace’s Yeovil facility becomes the first company to complete a Net-Inspect First Article Inspection.

  • Aerospace Vought Logo

    November 2005

    Net-Inspect signs an agreement with Vought Aircraft to implement the FAI system for all of its suppliers.

  • Aerospace Spirit Logo

    February 2006

    Spirit AeroSystems and its suppliers sign on with Net-Inspect's First Article Inspection system.

  • Aerospace Airbus Logo

    May 2006

    Airbus suppliers start to implement Net-Inspect for First Article Inspections.

  • Aerospace Rollsroyce Logo

    July 2006

    Net-Inspect signs an agreement with Rolls-Royce for its global supply chain.

  • Aerospace Bombardier Logo

    February 2007

    Bombardier signs a long-term agreement for all divisions, both internally and for their respective supply chains.

  • Aerospace Unison Logo

    November 2007

    Net-Inspect’s 10,000,000th measurement is recorded by GE Unison Group.

  • Aerospace Honeywell Logo

    October 2011

    Honeywell selects Net-Inspect for FAIs and inspection processes for all 54 divisions and over 2000 suppliers.

  • Triumph Logo

    November 2013

    Triumph Group’s Long Island facility becomes the 5,000th company to sign up with Net-Inspect.

  • Aerospace Spirit Logo

    July 2014

    Net-Inspect’s 1,000,000th First Article Inspection Report is submitted by Eck and Eck Machine Co. to Spirit AeroSystems.

  • Thortex Logo

    November 2014

    Thortex enters the 40,000,000th measurement into the Net-inspect system.

  • Aerospace Pratt & Whitney Logo

    January 2015

    Pratt & Whitney starts to implement Net-Inspect in their global supply chain, including sub-tiers.

Download Resources - White Papers

Net-Inspect Quality Management White Paper

Protecting Your Brand

With the increased pressure to reduce costs, more components than ever are being outsourced to sub-tiers for manufacturing. This whitepaper explains how to protect your brand by maintaining real-time supply chain visibility of quality issues.

QPM Quality Management White Paper

The Tangible Benefits of True Quality

Net-Inspect was developed by Mike Dunlop for use at QPM Aerospace. Learn how Net-Inspect enabled QPM to move to lights-out manufacturing and acted as the catalyst for the company’s sales growth from $300,000 to $30,000,000 in less than ten years.