First Article Inspection

Net-Inspect V5 First Article Inspection Module

Completely eliminate paper FAIRs

Create First Article Inspection Reports directly from 2D and 3D source material, populating 90% of the FAIR. Electronically sign Forms 1-3 and submit the FAIR to your customer for approval.

First article documentation uploader

Upload all FAI-related documentation for electronic review and approval

Drag and drop multiple files for upload and attachment to a FAIR. This can include drawings, material certifications, special process certifications, and more. These documents are stored with the FAIR in perpetuity and can be retrieved at any time by its customer or supplier.

Review and buy off FAIRs

Review and buy off your suppliers' FAIRs in minutes

Electronically review and approve a supplier’s FAIRs. Quickly identify whether any results are out of tolerance with built-in color-coding, and provide field-level comments for supplier review and correction.

FAIR purchase order feed

Communicate FAIR requirements using a purchase order feed

Identify how many FAIRs are planned versus completed in a given time period. Utilize charts and analytics to help predict on-time delivery and manage resources more effectively.

Import engineering data using third-party applications

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