First Article Inspection Module

Completely eliminate paper FAIs

Net-Inspect V5 First Article Inspection Module V5 coming soon

Create First Article Inspections directly from 2D and 3D source material, populating 90% of the FAI. Electronically sign Forms 1-3 and submit the FAI to your customer for approval. Receive, review, and buy off your suppliers' FAIs in a matter of minutes.

Standardize your FAI process internally & with all suppliers

When you purchase Net-Inspect, your suppliers are given free access to submit FAIs to your company. In addition to the standard form, you have the option of assigning a custom checklist to each FAI created by your company or your suppliers, ensuring that each report follows a standard process.

If any of your customers do not currently have a Net-inspect account, then we would be happy to set them up with a complimentary account so you can send FAIs to them electronically.

Net-Inpsect Quality Management First Article Inpsection Checklist

Import engineering specifications from a variety of sources

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