Non-Conformance (eTag) Module

Track internal, customer, and supplier non-conformance and defect events

Net-Inpsect Quality Management V5 eTag non-conformance Module

View all internal, customer, and supplier rejection tags on a single screen. Sort by month, defect, operator, machine, part, work center, scrap cost, and rework cost. Identify key trends and areas on which to focus your quality improvement efforts.

Receive real-time e-mail alerts for non-conformances

The Non-Conformance (eTag) module also provides the capability to send e-mail alerts as soon as a non-conformance occurs so the necessary steps for preventing future occurrences can be taken immediately. This system ensures that information about the incident is still available, providing a more accurate analysis of root causes.

Net-Inpsect Quality Management eTag non-conformance module display