Supply Chain Visibility Module

Geographically locate all sub-tier suppliers

Net-Inspect Quality Management Supply Chain Map Module

With the supplier map, you can identify suppliers and sub-tier suppliers by zip code, county, country, and more. You can even identify suppliers within a custom region by creating a custom point-by-point region. Net-Inspect links up sub-tier parts through Form 1 of your suppliers' FAIs, providing visibility of all the components that go into an assembly.

View all sub-tier supplier FAIs in a single portal

Using Net-Inspect's Supplier Portal, you can view the status of all sub-tier supplier FAIs by program and easily retrieve FAIs related to specific suppliers or regions.

Net-Inspect Quality Management Supply Chain Subtier Portal

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Protecting your brand

With the increased pressure to reduce costs, more components than ever are being outsourced to sub-tiers for manufacturing. This whitepaper explains how to protect your brand by maintaining real-time supply chain visibility of quality issues.